AGRIBEE facilitates financial institutions to provide varieties of loan to our key players in our supply chain value management. Kind of loan facilitated:

1)     Crop Credit:  To support farmers/producers for their crop cultivation.

         Amount: Up to 2,500USD

         Credit Term: 12 months

         Interest: 1.5%/month

         Security Scheme: Pair-guarantors.

         Eligible: Farmers/Producers

2)     Working Capital:  To support agriculture players such as Agri-input suppliers, Crop Collector, Crop Processor, Crops Buyer...etc

         Amount: 2,500USD to 200,000USD

         Interest: 1% to 1.2% per month

         Security Scheme: Inventories as collateral.


        Agri-input suppliers

        Local Distributor (BeeDepo)

        Local Retailors (BeeShop)

        Crop Trader (BeeCollector)

        Rice Miller (BeeProcessor)

        Buyer (BeeBuyer)

Our Key Players