1.  Crop Insurance:  Agricultural insurance protects against loss of or damage to crops or livestock. It has great potential to provide value to low-income farmers and their communities, both by protecting farmers when shocks occur and by encouraging greater investment in crops. However, in practice its effectiveness has often been constrained by the difficulty of designing good products and by demand constraints. We have partnership with Arbol to provide the protection scheme as below: 

Protection Type

Drought Coverage

Flood Coverage

Premium per H.A



Max. Payout per H.A




89% of average cumulative rainfall

120% of average 5 days rolling total rainfall


50% of average cumulative rainfall

200% of average 5 days rolling total rainfall

Service Provider


2.  Personal Accident Insurance:   AGRIBEE is working with insurance partners to  provides benefits to insured our farmers and stakeholders in case of accident. The insurance scheme will covers  medical expenses for accidental injury and provides a fixed capital in case of permanent disability or accidental death. It is an add-on services that help to secure the farmers in case the farmers facing any accident leading to lost capacity in earning income or dead. 


Lyhour Insurance Scheme  


$ 5.0 (Five USD)

Death accident

$ 2,500.0

Totally Permanent Disability

$ 2,500.0

Partially Permanent Disability

$ 1,875.0 for losing pair of ears

$ 1,250.0 for losing 1 Eye

$ 1,250.0 for losing 4 fingers

Medical Care

$ 100.0

Service Provider

Ly Hour Insurance Plc.

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