As our mission to connect all the dots in agriculture value chain, farmer is a key player who need suitable fund and agriculture technical to produce the high yield and good quality agriculture products to supply from the farm gate until the consumer. Our farmers are required to have own farm land for paddy commercial​ cultivation purpose.

With the support from our platform, farmers can access to clean loan (crop credit), technical support, protection scheme from crop insurance and stable markets. We believe that our platform will help the farmers to increase more investment in agriculture activities to generate more income for improving their living conditions.


BeeShop/BeeXpress is a local retail shop in each village that registered in the AGRIBEE platform linking the shops to the financial institutions, farmers and suppliers. The facilitation from AGRIBEE to BeeShop or BeeXpress will help the shop improve their capacity such as clean loan for working capital, business skill   training on cashflow management and agriculture skill, point of sale (POS) system and opportunity to generate more income from selling Agri-input and consumption goods. Within the value chain management platform, they can earn income via selling Agri-input, consumption goods and buy crop/paddy from both registered and non-registered farmers in their villages as well.

To identify themselves as AGRIBEE part, we encourage them to decorate as layout from AGRIBEE’s branding material like banner, standee, light box or any stands.


To represent for district level, BeeDepo is recruited in AGRIBEE to be the focal point or wholesaler that supply all BeeShop/BeeXpress in the specific district with the agri-input and consumption goods. No differences from BeeShop/BeeXpress in getting support from AGRIBEE in capacity building, only fund facilitation that BeeDepo will get high credit amount making sure they have enough capacity to supply all local shops in the district. BeeDepo is compulsory decorated with AGRIBEE’s branding material like banner, standee, light box and other marketing collaterals (if any). 




BeeCollector is a local buyer who has solid experience in crop trading activity and wish to generate income via trading crop/paddy in AGRIBEE value chain. The BeeCollector is differentiated from other local buyers as they don’t own fund to buy crop and either operate the trading via technology support and cashless mechanism.

Via facilitation from AGRIBEE, BeeCollector got the investment fund for buying paddy from farmers and/or agriculture corporative (AC) and sell that crop back to millers to get profits.


Any companies that legally registered in Cambodia and agree to put investment to be a part of AGRIBEE can be our suppliers in the platform with the right to supply products and servicesAgri-input, equipment and consumption goodsto the ecosystem as BeeDepo, BeeShop, BeeXpress and farmers.

By joining with AGRIBEE, suppliers can have the possibility to scale up quickly with larger market and low operation cost mechanisms with technology support.  AGRIBEE   facilitation with suppliers also connects them to the competitive credit service from Bank/MFI and make sure that they can provide quality products, service with competitive price to our stakeholders


3.     UP STREAM


Rice miller is very important key players in our supply chain management. They play key role in buying crop from BeeCollector and process(milling) the rice for local supply and export to the internal market. 

While working capital to source paddy and rice-milled market are big concerns for most millers, AGRIBEE facilitation will solve the concerns by enabling the millers to the bank/MFI for affordable fund, BeeCollector for quality paddy, local distributor and exporter for selling their rice. Currently, there are five millers that successfully recruited to the AGRIBEE platform as Monita, Ngoun Hong, Taing Enghout, Ly Ann and 1688 while others line up millers are under selections process.


Rice Exporter is potential player in our value chain management. Rice exporter is an enterprise who work directly with us to buy rice to export to international markets, especially European countries. Within the platform, AGRIBEE facilitates all millers making sure that the exporter has enough supply from millers for any variety that the market needs. Currently, Monita Group is our main partner that will export to the international market about 100,000 MT by 2021.  

MFI /Bank

Bank/MFI is a financial institution selected as partners of AGRIBEE to liquidate the bottleneck of funds for all players in the agriculture value chain from crop producer until the exporters and consumers. Throughout the facilitation, AGRIBEE contribute in fund guarantee for all players to make the Bank/MFI trust in our ecosystem and provide the following facilitations services as:

-       Loan for Farmer 

-       Loan for BeeCollector

-       Loan for BeeMiller

-       Loan for BeeDepo

-       Loan for BeeShop

-       Loan for BeeXpress


Our Key Players