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Mr. PAKK YOURNG, Chief Executive Officer

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  Base Country : Cambodia
  Position : Chief Executive Officer
  Member Type : CEO Message
  Business Type : Media & Marketing Business
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Cambodia is an agriculture-based Country with more than 80% of the population relying on agriculture directly and indirectly. Agriculture has been playing an important role among other economic pillars, and is treated as the core foundation of economic development.

For only the rice sector, we are producing around 10 Million metric tons of paddies every year within more than 3 million hectares  farmland equals approximately 5 billion USD economic value. In fact, technically we are potentially producing approximately around 20 billion USD every year if we can manage our resources properly. This does not include other sectors within the agriculture industry such as highland farming (mangoes, cashew, rubbers etc.), vegetables, aquaculture, and meats.

Even though agriculture is seen potentially growth, still, there is ignorance of investment from investment with “High Risk” reasons. Lack of investment leads to lack of funding, technical assistances and market accessibilities. That is the root cause of slow development in the agriculture industry.

That is why AGRIBEE exists. Our aim is to make sure that all players in the agriculture value chain are well-established and well-equipped with Funding, Technical Assistances and Market Accessibilities. To make these agricultural operations functioning well, it is required to have a facilitator to coordinate the players to conduct the transactions in between operators of the value chain. It is AGRIBEE ‘s job. And specifically, we are staying focus to support the farmers to make sure that:

1) They got enough working capital for the crop cultivation and animal raising.

2) They got enough technical assistance for their crop cultivation and animal raising.

3) They got market-ready for their crops and products.


Last but not least, thanks so much to all of our investors and stakeholders for trusting and supporting AGRIBEE for this critical mission.

May God Bless you!

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